How to Smoke Cannabis

weed smoking

I am CReal from reddit forums! I’ve been sharing tips and advice on how to smoke weed with many social media users for a good few years now and I thought it was time to put all of my marijuana advice in one place for all newcomers to see. So if you have noticed my posts before you will know that I always recommend smoking weed with a bong as it is the best method.

Using bongs to smoke weed

Whether you cough when you smoke weed or fail to learn how to roll a joint, bongs are by far the best way for you to smoke your herb. You simply buy a bong online and then grind your herb down, place it in the bongs ‘bowl’ and ignite while creating a vacuum on the bong (just suck the top of the glass pipes!). Bongs are often seen in movies and stoner flicks and I assure you they are just as fun and awesome as they look. You can buy bongs for really cheap so it would be silly to not invest in one, just check around and you can easily find nice cheap glass bongs for low prices, they can often include some fun styles too!

While waiting for your new bong to arrive you could use the video above to help put a joint together, it is by far the best YouTube video on how to roll I’ve ever seen!

So why do I recommend the bong for people wanting to learn how to smoke cannabis? The biggest reason is because it is much safer than using a joint. The smoke temperature from bongs are way cooler hence the nice refreshing hit you get out of them, so health reasons are what originally sold me. But combine the hassle of joint rolling and the waste of getting too high and not finishing a joint. These three reasons are more than enough to see that the bong is the best way to smoke cannabis, or any herb for that matter.

Ways to smoke weed

Using bongs and joints is not the only way to smoke your weed, you can also pick up cool smoking pipes such as glass bubblers and glass spoons. These are handheld versions of smoking pipes made for use with herbs. These are the only ways to smoke weed, but you can vaporizer and eat weed, but to eat your herbs you need to make butter or oil and that is a whole other story! Vaporizers are a pretty cool way to ‘smoke’ your weed, but it isn’t classed as smoking as you vaporizer the herbs with a much lower temperature than smoking.