Challenges Posed By FaceBook In Workplaces

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FaceBook is without a doubt the world’s leading social media. It is the single largest place where people from diverse backgrounds meet to exchange ideas as well as to share their daily life experiences. There are raising concerns amongst many organizations and employers over the penetration of this social aspect into the workplaces. It has resulted into a series of problems which have affected the performance of these organizations. The following is a quick glance of these problems.

Lowering the Productivity of Workers

Many people tend to spend more time in this social site rather than performing their workplaces duties. This is eventually reflected in the individual performance of the workers. Take the example of an organization with 100 employees. Each day, half of this workforce spends the better part of the day updating their profiles and chatting with friends. If this is to go on for only a week, then the organization is going to lose a lot.

Wastages of Organization’s Resources

In majority of the cases, the workers use the resources that are meant for work purposes. They spend huge amounts of bandwidth which increases the running costs of the organization. This is especially the case where the organization is IT oriented.

Viruses and Malware

Many organizations are nowadays spending a lot of money in repairing their IT systems as result of the activities of the hackers. Many hackers are drawn to social sites mainly because of the large potential of committing frauds. They have the chance to launching malware and spam attacks. As a result, many computers are infected bringing the activities of the organization to a standstill. Koobface is an example of a worm that is used to spread malicious worms and codes. Things are made complex by the over 50, 000 applications for FaceBook. Even if the company tried its level best to provide protection, the third applications pose a very great challenge.

Loss of Profits

Many organizations incur huge losses especially when their IT systems are infected by malware. To some extends, it takes a lot of time for this organizations to recover from the setbacks posed by the malware.

Social media especially FaceBook is not a problem to many organizations. The issue is with the people that are using this application. It is even made harder since it is very difficult to monitor each individual’s activities every now and then. Ideally, employers can create a break where the workers can relax for a short while before proceeding with their duties. Or the best solution is to block facebook at work places.


Understanding Commercial Bridge Loans

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As the phrase implies, a commercial bridge loan is a short term financing solution, offset against commercial real estate, which bridges any financial gaps that are standing in the way of securing a profitable deal. This kind of commercial funding enables you to overcome any liquidity limitations, and take advantage of time sensitive business opportunities in a reasonably efficient and timely fashion. A commercial bridge loan allows you to acquire temporary cash that bridges liquidity shortfalls, so that your company can carry out some type of interim activity. For instance, if one of your existing loans has a balloon payment due on it, you could settle that repayment until you acquire permanent financing.

Alternatively, if there is a restricted time span during which some commercial real estate will be available, you might utilize bridge loans to buy that asset, and then repay your bridge loan using some of the permanent financing proceeds. Thus, essentially, a commercial bridge loan is temporary funding, which you can utilize until you refinance, sell, complete, or make improvements on your property. Most of the time, in order to make up for their temporary nature and increased risk, bridge loans have bigger interest rates than standard loans.

Generally, a commercial bridge loan has terms that range from six to twelve months. Many commercial lenders permit borrowers to extend their bridge financing for an extra six to twelve months, for an extra charge. Typically, this charge ranges from half a point to two points, although this can vary. Normally, this type of financing gets repaid whenever the borrower arranges permanent financing upon the associated property, once the actual improvements have been completed and the new tenants have moved in. Invariably, due to their temporary nature, commercial bridge loans will not stipulate any penalties with regards to prepayment.


Welcome Sportsmanship Team

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Welcome to The USA Sportsmanship Team! The Internet Sports Awards is honored to announce the launch sportsmanshipof the USA Sportsmanship Team program – a showcase that informs, honors and rewards good sportsmanship in football, baseball, basketball, cheerleading, soccer and hockey.All levels will be recognized (Youth, , High School , College and Pros) The USA Sportsmanship Team has specific programs for players of all ages, coaches, parents, fans and media. This week on The USA Sportsmanship Team:

Exclusive interview with Pop Warner Little Scholars National Football Commissioner – Sam Mutz

San Francisco 49er defensive star and LB Derek Smith talks about sportsmanship

Player of the Week goes to Washington Redskin Darrell Green.

Coach of the Week Award goes to Florida State’s Bobby Bowden

Welcome to the Internet’s most exciting
interactive activity, voting for the Internet Sports Awards and recognizing the very best athletes, teams, coaches, websites, media and products in each sport.

We will be honoring the best at all levels of sports – High School, College and the Pro’s.

We all know that there are no great men or women in this world. There are only great challenges. We find our greatness by rising up to the challenges.

Thank you for your participation in helping us choose those who rise up to the challenges each year and find their greatness.

May the best of your past be the worst of your future!

Parent of the Week Award goes to Mac & Barbara Bledsoe, parents of Buffalo Bills QB Drew Bledsoe


Writting Better Sports Content

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Great marketing always begins with great content. This is how you present your product, or in our case our sport. If you end product is your content, then make it an exceptional product. Starting a website that will attract traffic means you have to do your market research. This is just like doing market research for any product, to test if there is a demand for your content. There are a lot of cheap or even free ways to do this yourself. Begin with a free website or blog. There are lots of platforms that allow their users to create free blogs. Find the right platform for you.
Next, write content and do some minimal internet marketing. If you get a response that you are satisfied with, then go ahead and build a bigger website. A lot of boom websites started as free blogs that snowballed visitors over time. You could do the same and find out by trial and error, what internet marketing techniques work for your chosen niche. This way, you get to test out the market, with minimal investment on your part. If you have no idea where you want to start, no market niche in mind, no website building skills at all, do not be deterred. You can still make it work.
Write down a list of ideas of website ideas. Make sure these are specific and have an audience. You can check hobby magazines, no matter how obscure, for website ideas. Because if a magazine can get an audience and publish regularly, there is probably an somebody who will be interested in reading your website when you create it. Then write a series of articles, just to test out these ideas. Publish the articles in a popular article directory and wait to get hits. Article directories allow you to see how many views you get, once you are satisfied, pick the article subject mater with the most views. Sports are a great way to bring people together, but we need to do our best to get more of the word out, if you want to chip in, or need someone to help you write great sports content for your home or school newspaper try


Stay Young Play Longer

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Esoteric Anti-Aging Techniques that Bring Results

Many have wondered what life would be like if they could turn back time. The quest for the Fountain of Youth did not die with Ponce de Leon if television and magazine can tell us anything. People spend countless hours and go to great expense to remove wrinkles or in some feeble attempt to stop the clock from advancing. But what if you could turn back time? Or, at least stop it from advancing. The fact is that you can and this is the key to anti-aging.

We have all seen someone head into a nursing home only to die within a few weeks or months. Removed from their familiar environment, the person simply seems to give up on life. There is wisdom in this observation. The trick to anti-aging is to surround yourself with the time period that you prefer and go to extreme lengths to remain within that time period.

As an example taken from, you can take someone who is interested in the the 1920s. This person should find as much clothing as they can from this period and wear it while at home and sometimes in public. They should surround themselves with artifacts from this era and then study the time period as much as possible. Their home should become a homage to this era and entering the home should be like stepping through the portal of a time machine. They can have modern conveniences, but these should be at least partially concealed and never the center of attention. There should be no evidence of the many digital items that so dominate the modern landscape. They should familiarize themselves with phrases from the age and use them often when speaking. They should also listen to music from the era on the equipment it was meant to played. All of these actions will help to create an autonomous environment that will help to preserve the person.

The best part about this anti-aging technique is that it can be completely personalized. Try it for yourself for a few months or a year and you will marvel at the results. People will tell you that you never change and you may be asked if you have made a deal with the devil himself. Best of all, this anti-aging technique is not some snake-oil being mass marketed by a cosmetic company. It is a truly unique and effective way to stop the clock and exist in the moment of your choosing.


Benefits Of A Natural Skin Care Routine

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Having a skincare routine is a big section of any girl’s life, but perhaps you have thought of the advantages of utilizing an all natural skincare routine? It’s to have good healthy looking skin, if there’s such a thing that’s very important to any girls, and natural skincare products can definitely assist you to realize this. In reality natural cosmetic products can improve the skin in ways that lots of other ‘traditional’ make-up and cosmetic products can perhaps not.

Natural Skincare Services and products do not clog pores. Frequently conventional cosmetics which can be used features compounds which have already been artificially created. They’re maybe not natural, and consequently aren’t always appreciated by the skin. Nevertheless natural skincare products and natural makeup do not clog pores; they improve natural beauty and certainly will have an even more natural appearance.

All particularly, and natural makeup products, contain naturally occurring minerals and oils. All these are readily consumed by your skin and aid to maintain your skin looking great. For instance, the oils in natural makeup products will moisturize the skin. A number of the mineral foundations comprise natural display protecting, hence protecting the skin from the dangerous effects of sun exposure. The final result of using something likeĀ olive oil for the skin, is a lovely complexion and increased natural splendor.

Much of the standard cosmetics to the market comprise harsh chemicals. These compounds can harm the skin, causing outbreaks, itchiness, red blotches. Sometimes to alleviate the state girls turn to other skin services and products that are designed to supply aid but just make matters worse. Natural skincare products contain ingredients which considerably reduces allergic reactions and skin irritations.

Because women spend lots of money and also time in taking care of their health and look of your skin, it’s only natural then to pick organic cosmetics and natural skincare products. Even though from the beginning the cost of these natural compounds might appear somewhat higher, this ‘additional’ cost is offset by the proven fact that in the long term you’ll spend less money on moisturizers and you’ll spend less money on compounds to lessen the results of harsh chemicals in ‘traditional’ cosmetics.